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What is a Christian?

A Human Being who is not
“Separated from God”

What defines a Christian? A Christian is someone who is not separated from God. Learn what the Christian nature is and how God feels about you,
Explore 'What a Christian is'
Our Sin Nature

Genesis 1:31 – Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed, it was very good. So, that concluded the sixth day.

Sin Nature Separates

Genesis 1:31 – After the 6th day, God saw that everything He had made was GOOD.

Sin Nature Tempted

Genesis 1:31 – Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed, it was very good. So, that concluded the sixth day.

Sin Nature Preferences

What Would My Sin Nature Rather Be Doing?

How does God view you?

John 3:16 – For God so loved the world that He gave His one & only [to die for our sins] ….
Romans 5:8 – God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while were still sinners [separated from God], Christ died for us.

How does God help us?

Romans 5:8 – God demonstrated His love toward us; Get this: While we were yet sinners [on the freeway], Christ died for us [for our sins that got us on the freeway].

How to become a Christian

Romans 5:10 – When we were enemies [separated] , we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, Jesus; being reconciled to God means “we shall be saved by His life”.

Emergency Numbers

… key verses for dealing with issues you are going through - like, "Turn to this verse if you are depressed"

Life has many areas where we struggle. Here are some verses to help you with them. These include: shame, temper or anger struggles, courage and fear, worry, weak and unable to cope, loneliness, depression, hope or hopelessness, sin, lack of direction, and the need to be encouraged.
The Struggles That Surround Us

… dealing with others who are hurtful, nasty, or discriminatory.

We are surrounded by many struggles in this life. Some of these are: hateful people, harming others, greed, hating, manipulative people, liars, confusing beliefs, loneliness, war and conflicts, and fear.
Victim Impact

… what does the Bible say about struggles with what others have done and our own negative actions.

Unfortunately, our actions can harm or victimize people. There are many characters in the Bible who help teach us how to deal with these issues. It may be robbery, giving restitution for money we have stolen, gang involvement, child abuse and sexual abuse, intimacy, assault, hating people and hurting them, property crime, and substance or alcohol abuse. People go to support groups to deal with these issues; that is a good decision. In addition, what does the Bible say about these struggles and actions. HOW DO THESE ACTIONS AFFECT OTHERS?
Look in mirror
A Look in the Mirror

… dealing with the dysfunction of the world around us.

The life around us is dysfunctional and sick. Here are some Bible studies on how to deal with the world. How to live not OF this world but IN it. Get a clear view of how the Bible sees the world, what I can change or not and how I can change to live a life right with God, to put on the new man, to be righteous, and to follow Jesus, really believing, knowing you are valuable and chosen to succeed.
Just a Thought

Exploring some verses addressing questions about life, God, and how life works.

Bible Studies addressing questions and thoughts about life, God, your value, truth, hope, love and hopelessness, old age and prayer.
Spiritual blindness
Spiritual Blindness

… everybody's got it.

Bible studies exploring areas in which we are blind to things of the spirit, to our true self, how God sees us and how to let the light of God in so we can change and grow.
Time for action
A Time for Action

Walking in Christ-like character

It is time for action in learning to walk in Christ-like character; time to be humble, to make good choices, to come home to our Father, be encouraged in the Lord, to forgive, to confess, to pray, to speak up for Jesus, to study the Bible, and time to trust God.
What good is it?

Studies on having a thankful positive attitude in various Christian disciplines.

Bible Studies helping you understand the value of Christian attitudes and disciplines so you can grow. Subjects include the value of a thankful heart, reading the Bible, trusting God, being faithful, forgiving, praying, being patient and avoiding evil.
The ROUND-TRIP Journey

…no matter where where we are in life we need to keep moving forward.

Exlpore how to keep moving forward, how to not get stuck in your life. How to evaluate situations and keep going even when you are weary or things aren’t making a lot of sense to you.

… do you feel like you are worthless? Find out what the Bible says about your worth!

Have other people or your own failure made you feel beaten down and worthless? Find out how Jesus gives you worth. A Bible study in Genesis 1:2,31.
Weekend reflections
Weekend reflections

… Reflections on how you are doing in your walk with Jesus

After a full week of victories and failures, let’s evaluate. A Bible studies in accepting myself, choices, good or bad, discovering answers, obstacles to living for Christ, and feeling that God has abandoned you, but knowing He is faithful.
Giving my BEST to God

… Do I even have a best, and how do I give that?

How do I be “My Best”? Do I even have a best? Can I fix the world? Can I believe/trust God? How do I share my story? How do I encourage others? How do I use my talents?