SW College
Southwest College
of Biblical Studies

Southwest College of Biblical Studies is the academic arm of CORR Ministries.

Liz and I began teaching Bible college courses at R.J. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego in early 2001.

Back at the beginning of the college program, the men were not transferred to other prisons if they were enrolled in our program. This allowed them to complete large parts of the program. Back then we actually taught in the prisons every week. As time passed and policies changed, we develop a “correspondence format” for all our courses.

Who may enroll?

This program is designed for Chaplains to teach to those in prison as well as former inmates. But it is open to everyone.

Psalm 119:

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

“My feet” = my life right now, the daily grind, my “step by step”.
“My path” = my life down the road (my “step by step” for days & years).

The bad things of life, the struggles and the injustices are going to keep coming at us for the rest of our lives. We need God’s help (His word).
Psalm 19:7-9

“The Instructions of the LORD are perfect, REVIVING THE SOUL.
The Decrees of the LORD are trustworthy, MAKING WISE THE SIMPLE.
The Commandments of the LORD are right, BRINGING JOY TO THE HEART.
The Commands of the LORD are clear, GIVING INSIGHT FOR LIVING”

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We offer:

• Certificate of Biblical Studies: 34 units (non-accredited)
• A.A. Degree in Biblical Studies: 61 units (non-accredited)

Certificate of Bible Study Methods

NT 115 BSM in Philippians
NT 116 BSM in 1 Timothy
NT 119 BSM in 2 Timothy
NT 120 BSM in Colossians
NT 122 BSM in James
NT 126 ABSM in Philippians
NT 128 ABSM in Colossians
PS 105 Attitudes
PS 106 Healthy Relationships
PS 107 Equipping
PS 108 Prep for Leadership 1
PS 109 Prep for Leadership 2

A.A. in Biblical Studies

(In addition to Certificate courses:)

TH 101 Doctrine of the Bible
TS 103 Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
TH 106 Doctrine of God
TH 107 Doctrine of Christ
OT 101 Pentateuch Books 1
OT 102 Pentateuch Books 2
OT 103 O.T. Historical Books 1
OT 104 O.T. Historical Books 2
AP 101 Christian Evidences

Our curriculum covers three areas of study and growth:


What are the lessons like?

There are two main methods of learning, Inductive and Deductive. We use the Inductive because most inmates do not have access to a teacher, so they will need to study on their own.

Inductive Learning (Discovery learning) allows the student to do tasks (assignments) that are the pieces for the bigger picture. The student is doing the digging (Individualized Learning).
Deductive Learning also utilizes assignments & tasks to gather facts; the difference is that an instructor (teacher) is usually presenting the material through lecturing and group Learning.

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To get started you will successfully complete 5 preview lessons and a registration form to apply. You will then be given a login to access the rest of the courses. All students start with Bible Study Methods, a course in the book of Philippians.

The Bible Studies Method courses…

…cover various letters of the New Testament, teaching logic, and research skills that will assist the student in all areas of life. These include; one-sitting reading, paraphrasing, observation, paragraph titling, theme development, book structure charting, investigation into Author, recipient and culture, research into geography biographies, and theology, word study skills, devotional methods and essays, among others.

Character Development Courses cover…

… attitudes, healthy relationships and equipping.

Leadership Skills Courses cover…

… Bible Study Methods and Facilitator Skills along with preparation for leadership 1 and 2.

NOTE that these courses require a lot of work and time commitment. For less academic courses see our Bible Studies section.

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