About Us

Bruce and Liz Leary have worked with prison inmates and parolees in California for many years. We directed and operated Southwest College of Biblical Studies, an academic college for prison inmates in the California Prison System. This involved developing college courses, teaching and grading student coursework, maintaining academic records, and keeping in touch with the students. We also have partnered with Prison Fellowship to teach relevant classes to inmates in more remote California prisons. The contents of the classes are focusing on the “Basic Topics of the Christian Faith”, “Dealing with Everyday Conflicts”, “Steps for Personal Recovery”, and “The Doctrine of the Word of God”. We are also ministering to the prison chaplains in the process.

Now with the advent of COVID and the restrictions of being able to get into the prisons, we created new materials and we want to share the resources we have developed with others working with inmates.

History of our ministry:

The academic ministry years:

We, Bruce and Liz Leary, have had the privilege of serving the Lord in the prisons of California for over 30 years. Southern California Bible College (SCBC) was where it all began. Here we taught college courses in RJD Correctional Facility in San Diego.

When SCBC discontinued their program we created Southwest College of Biblical Studies. Southwest CBC offered an AA degree in Biblical Studies to hundreds of students for many years. We were blessed to teach some of these courses ‘live’ in various California prisons. Prison policies changed and inmate students were transferred to other institutions.

To help them Bruce converted the entire AA program into a correspondence course. This allowed access to prisons all over California.  This program still exists although it is not as utilized as much since in 2015 we had to step back a bit due to health issues; the courses are still available to anyone, whether in prison or free.
Click here to learn more about our present College courses

We learned through this time to be flexible and faithful to God’s leading. He has given us many blessings as He led us in a slightly different direction.

A change of direction:

Funding:  The blessing through the years has been the faithful support of individuals and churches who have designated their financial gifts through Missionary Gospel Fellowship. You can learn how to  partner with us by clicking here.

Prison Retreats: Before and during our academic ministry we served with Kairos Prison Ministry Intl., teaming up with many Christian volunteers and conducting 3 1/2 day weekend retreats inside prisons. These retreats focused on the basics of walking with Jesus, focusing on those who were not followers of Jesus but had an interest in spiritual things. We taught the inmates about making choices, forgiveness, being loved by God, and accepting Jesus as their Savior.

College courses in prisons: In 2019 we began volunteering with Prison Fellowship, teaching wherever there was a need. This grew into an opportunity to teach courses. We taught a 13 month Academy class covering the basics of the Christian faith as well as college courses from a 4-year TUMI curriculum in two different prisons.

COVID: In March 2020, COVID hit and the prisons were closed to volunteers and programming. That was the last time we taught in the two prisons. Through this time, with strong prompting from the Lord, Bruce began to write Bible lessons.

  • They are short and/or simple yet cover deep & relevant material.
  • They do not require a long-term commitment; they can be done in a few hours.
  • They do not require a highly educated background to complete.
  • The lessons have been emailed to the prison chaplain to distribute them or teach from them at their discretion. Now they are available through our website.
  • The inmates are getting some materials during this uncertain COVID time.
  • The chaplains are encouraged that someone is standing with them. Being a chaplain can be a lonely and overwhelming job. Click here to explore our Bible lessons. 

    COVID UPDATE: As of this date, June 27, 2022, many of the restrictions are being lifted or eased. We are in the process of being cleared as volunteers to enter and teach in two prisons in Southern California. Thank you, Lord, after two years.