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You are not Alone

You are not Alone I just got done writing a 10-page lesson on “You are not alone”. It was sparked by my recent Kairos Weekend at Valley State Prison in Chowchilla, CA. It is interesting that we hide our loneliness. When our team tells the men that they are not alone. we get those looks:  […]

The Book of Genesis

THE BOOK OF GENESIS Have you ever wondered why God put Genesis first in the Bible? 1. Is it because the creation of the universe is recorded there? 2. Is it because the creation of man is recorded there? THE ANSWER TO BOTH QUESTIONS IS “YES”. 3. Why is Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob mentioned in […]

Have You Ever Thought...

Have you ever Thought … 1. Is God interested in every aspect of my life> Is He big enough? Check out this simple, short lesson. Just a Thought.1.God 2. Has the Bible got anything useful for me? Is it current enough? Check out this simple, short lesson. Just a Thought.2.Bible 3. Do I have any […]

What is Truth – A Les

WHAT IS TRUTH? 1. What is the definition of truth? Your opinion. ________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Who decides what the truth is? Your opinion. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Is there one truth for everyone?  ___Yes  ___No 4. Where does truth come from? (John 14:6) _____________ 5. Psalm 119:160 – The entirety of the Word of God is ________ 6. […]

Ministry Introduction...

MINISTRY INTRODUCTION & SUMMARY – MARCH 9, 2022 We are Bruce & Liz Leary. We have been involved in prison ministry for several years. It has been our privilege to teach for Southwest College of Biblical Studies, a division of CORR Ministries, Kairos Prison Ministry International, and Prison Fellowship. We were teaching in prisons until […]

Why We Love Prison In...

WHY WE LOVE PRISON INMATES 1.We love prison inmates because God told us to. Check out 2 Corinthians 5:14. The love of God “constrains us” (puts the squeeze” on us. He puts a love in us that I cannot explain nor get rid of. 2.We love prison inmates because they are no different than we […]


THE PURPOSE FOR THIS WEBSITE We minister in the prison system. Our main goal is to get the inmates to study the Bible on their own or with the chaplain or his designee. Sometimes the chaplains provide materials for study; sometimes they cannot. We provide study lessons to the chaplains free of charge. The inmates […]